Fully customizable API:

Easy-to-understand documentation available with to help you implement our solution in just a few weeks. Use your unique customer and transaction IDs to query the system

SDKs now available:

Ease your integration into our API that connects you to multiple networks across Africa

Dedicated tech support:

To help you integrate quick and easy


Hold one balance with us:

Send affordable, instant payouts across Africa.

Last-mile distribution:

Make payouts in NGN, UGX, MAD, GHS, TZS, XOF, EUR and GBP currencies (We’re always expanding this list!)

Up-to-the-minute updates:

Get notified with a webhook when transaction states change to help you offer your customers correct information.

Multiple payout channels:

Send to mobile across different networks and bank accounts and select cash payout agents across Africa.


Instant collections: Receive payments for your products and services in EUR, GBP, GHS, NGN, TZS, UGX currencies

Multiple pay-in options: Your customers in Nigeria can pay you through debit card, paga and bank transfers. In Uganda, Tanzania and Ghana they can do it instantly on mobile money!


Beneficiary verification:

Your customers can confirm account name before hitting send. No more payments into wrong accounts. You save money and your customer too! Ghana, Nigeria (bank), Uganda (mobile).

Smart cancellations:

Enable auto-refunds in the rare occasion that transactions cannot be completed. These are cancelled and automatically refunded back to your balance.

Stay organized:

Get detailed monthly reports for internal reconciliation with all your transaction and customer data.

Dedicated customer service:

We’re here to answer your questions, including proactive monitoring on weekends to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Speedy compliance: Create user or sender profiles and collect their KYC documentation. Benefit from our stringent anti-money laundering checks.